Commercial gyms not for you?

Commercial gyms are not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether it’s the crowds of people at the time you want to train, feeling overwhelmed or self-conscious, waiting forever to get on a piece of equipment or not receiving the help you may require in order to make progress. These are all legitimate reasons why a commercial gym may not work for you. Almost a decade ago I decided I was no longer going to base myself out of commercial gyms. Instead, I decided I would set up my own fully facilitated gym, working in a solely one on one situation with just myself and my client in the space. I wanted to create an environment where clients were not having to wait around for equipment to become available. It was also an opportunity to create in an environment for clients to be able to work out and concentrate on technique without possible distractions while at the same time feeling confident and comfortable in their surroundings. It’s important to me from a client’s perspective that they feel at home as well as relaxed when entering the gym and when leaving having the feeling of achievement and happiness. Working out in a commercial gym may not be for you but don’t let it limit your goals and ambitions. With a good work ethic and discipline, I will work alongside you in a relaxed and fun environment to help you reach and achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself.

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$70 per hour

$95 per hour and a half