Craig Williams will work with you to achieve all of your goals, whether it’s to:

  • get into the best shape of your life,
  • lose weight,
  • gain muscle,
  • increase your strength or
  • rehab after a surgery.

Making a positive difference in someone’s life is what motivates Craig. He’s still getting the same enjoyment after 20 years of training a diverse range of clients. Putting a smile on a client’s face, whether it be success on the scales, or in the gym itself nailing a personal best is what makes the job rewarding for him.

Craig works with clients ranging from beginners through to advanced and believes there’s never a single point or stage where improvement isn’t possible. Craig believes in having a plan recording every set, rep, weight and exercise.

Every machine is ready to go and setup for you before a session – making everything so much more efficient.

Not everyone feels comfortable in a commercial gym environment – this is an opportunity to train in a one-on-one situation.

Craig will tailor your training session based on your needs, including nutrition guidance as needed. Different approaches and principles work for different people.

There’s not another job in the world I’d rather be doing. Having a positive impact on that person’s life is what’s makes this job special – whether it’s strength, weight loss, weight gain or training for a competition.”

Get to know Craig Williams

Craig has more than 25 years’ training experience behind him and has been working with clients in Christchurch for the last 20 years.

This lifestyle is a passion for Craig believing if you’re going to be the best you can be, you should be practising what you preach. This can only be achieved if it’s something your passionate about.

“Nothing makes me feel better than training. I realise that can be a hard concept for people to understand but training is what I love doing. I feel lucky that I’m able to work in a job that I love everyday. Not everyone gets to say that about their job!”

After 12 years of working in commercial gyms in Christchurch, Craig has setup his own One on One personal training gym.

“The main motivation for setting up my own gym was that the focus would be just on training without the surrounding distractions. Removing the frustrating waits for equipment means your session is more effective and you’ll get better results with less time wasted.

This also enables different training principles to be used on many different pieces of equipment without resting – that’s difficult in a commercial gym.

Craig is based in Christchurch Papanui