Is food the ultimate drug?

What does food mean to you? Do you crave it? Does it give you pleasure? Does it give you comfort? Do you consider it just a fuel source? What we know for sure is abuse of food Is the cause of many health problems. The most obvious being obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and different forms of cancer.The main Culprits are foods high in sugar. Sugar can also cause a chromium deficiency. Chromium helps regulate blood sugar in our body. Sugar also unfortunately accelerates aging and also increases stress.
On the other hand choosing the correct foods can help cure and prevent many Illnesses and diseases such as the ones listed above.
I see food education being a huge problem. The amount of times I have heard….I eat fruit at night because it’s healthy and satisfies my cravings….Unfortunately fruit at night nine times out of 10 is a terrible choice Presuming you are not going to be overly active.
If you are not educated when it comes to eating healthy either educate yourself or find someone to educate you in the form of either a trainer or nutritionist..On a side note if either of these people don’t look like the picture of health use your common sense and find one that looks like they practice what they preach.
Food can either be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to obtaining a healthy body. The Common catch phrase you are what you eat is extremely relevant.
Food is not rocket science as many would have you believe stay away from the latest fancy diet and instead stick to the basics good healthy eating.
My general rule of thumb is only to eat carbs with breakfast aswell as before and after training if losing body fat is your ultimate goal. Proteins and Healthy fats should be eaten with every meal.
Presuming you are doing resistance training which you should be in order to speed your metabolism, have strong and healthy bones, maintain good posture, and have optimum body composition. It’s critical you consume the right amounts of protein. The body uses protein to repair and rebuild muscle tissue after breaking it down from resistance training.
Resistance training and healthy eating go hand-in-hand if you choose only one of the two expect to achieve only half the results. If you have a lot of weight to lose resistance training will help prevent a lot of loose skin after significant weight loss..One other final misconception that resistant training will lead to big bulging muscles only stands true if you are eating large amounts of food, if you prefer not to carry large amounts of muscle, simply do not eat as much food it’s a simple as that. Remember you are what you eat. So make the right choices and treat your body the way it deserves to be treated.

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