Let’s get real!

Not seeing the improvements in the gym that you would like to see? Or maybe you have been there done that tried the gym and it didn’t work out so good for you? Why? The answer lies within yourself.

Hard work. Desire. Commitment. Consistency. Sticking too your goals. Being honest with yourself.

Training is not supposed to be easy. Fun though, yes, but easy no. Just turning up isn’t good enough. You should have purpose and your training should be numbers based. In other words know what numbers you have to beat from your previous workout. In order for your body to change the numbers have to improve week to week. Go into your workout knowing either your reps or weight must improve from your previous workout. What do you think is going to happen if you do the same reps and the same weight for a particular or worse all of your exercises for extended period of time. The answer is absolutely nothing. That’s correct your body is going to make zero improvements. Sure if your goal is maintenance great stick with the same weight and reps all year round. But if your goal is improvement the reps or weight need to increase from one week to the next. If this sounds hard work of course it is but with desire and consistency you can achieve all of your goals. It’s Essential that your training Is week in week out not three weeks on three weeks off.
Stick to your goals. There’s only one person you’re answerable to and that’s yourself. If you’re doing this to impress anyone other than yourself forget about it. The competition is with yourself and no one else, if you’re making yearly improvements you’re winning.
As with anything else there is a science to training. It’s definitely not guesswork. You can’t keep on doing the same thing expecting Improvments, things have to change, whether it’s repetitions ,weight, or exercise selection. Be smart about your training and reap the rewards and benefits.

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