The mind muscle connection

When you first begin training there’s really only a couple of basic things you need to be thinking of. The first and most obvious getting the weight from point A to point B. The second performing each and every single rep with strict form so that you don’t injure yourself.
These are the basics and what every beginner to intermediate trainer should be concentrating on as you progressively overload the muscle week in week out. As your training advances there’s one more key element. The mind muscle connection. It’s the key to taking your physique to the next level. To fully develop the muscle to your full genetic potential you need to be able feel the muscle contract and isolate it.
It does take concentration and being in touch with your body. It’s like anything else the more you practice at it the better you become at it.
Developing a first class physique or being the best you can possibly be whatever way you like to put it takes a lot more than just pure brawn alone. It also means being able to use your mind to connect with the muscle group you are training on any given day. It’s not just about the weight as you advance, if you are able to feel the muscle contract and get a really good isolation for each and every rep of your working sets you will take your physique to new levels.

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