Making training a priority for the mind not just physical appearance.

After working in the fitness industry for many years, I see too many people fail to reach the goals they set out to reach because of one thing; Consistency. Consistency is a week after week, month after month, year after year process.

Why the struggle? Are you one of these people? If so, why? Life struggles in general maybe? Is it a combination of willpower and motivation? Or simply a case of just not having enough time?
When we are talking about life issues it’s something each and every one of us go through at some point, but it’s not the time to come to a standstill or a time to throw in the towel. Exercise especially in the form of resistance training, is very good for not only improving physical appearance but also for the mind itself.
Motivation and willpower: What we are really talking about here is the power of your mind. It’s the difference between having a positive mind set opposed to a negative mind set. The way your mind thinks will affect the way your body functions.
When you think negatively, the body releases cortisol the stress hormone into your blood. Too much stress will have adverse ramifications for your health. When we exercise the body releases endorphins “the good feeling” chemical into you blood which lowers stress and supports the immune system. This is the exact opposite of what cortisol does-causing health problems.
Time: If it’s really important, you will make time. Training hard and blowing off some steam impacts much more than physical appearance alone, it’s also about keeping your mind healthy, which in turn will keep you happier and the people around you happier.

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