Weight Loss Made Easy

New Zealand currently rates as the third most obese country in the world – definitely not something to be proud of.

Why is it the case? There are parks at the end of almost every street, we live in a country where it’s safe to walk or jog around the block 99% of the time and there are more gyms now than ever before.

Is it a case of being a lazy nation or more a case of no education when it comes to healthy eating and meal timing? I personally think it’s a combination of both, add them both together and there’s the recipe for our obese nation.

We also give up far to easily, the number of times I have seen a new client join the gym, only never to see them again 6 short weeks later. Believe it or not I can also understand to a point why it happens! Initially there is progress but not as much as expected so self doubt creeps in, and on on top of that it’s way to cold to go out tonight or it’s simply just to hot to train right? Wrong!

“Consistency” it should be printed in capital letters. It’s the most important element when trying to get in shape and lose excess kilos. The body can plateau at any point even after a month, but it’s not reason to give up, it’s the body’s way of telling us it needs change in the form of either training or diet. Sometimes both. There are many variables and no two people are the same, what one person can eat without any visible change another person can. Training is the same, what works for one does not necessarily mean it’s going to work for another, so weight loss can be confusing and frustrating at the same at the time.

Along with consistency there is one more vital element to success and that’s having a set plan in place from the start, especially if weight loss is your primary goal. Your goal should be to speed your metabolism up and the two best ways of doing this is (a) resistance training and (b) eating every two and a half hours to three hours. Without getting too in depth because each subject is an article in itself, resistance training builds muscle which in return speeds up the metabolism. To build muscle to the best of your ability you need to be feeding the body every two and a half to three hours, aiming for 5-6 small meals per day, this by itself without resistance training will speed up the metabolism. Hence the likes of Jenny Craig picked up this formula , following what bodybuilders had been doing successfully for decades, just with the resistance training included! This is not enough reason to think I’ll  just to the diet part of the equation because unless you are blessed with unbelievable genetics the end result will be weight loss with loose skin, an undesirable look which is why resistance training should always be your first choice ahead of cardio. As a result, cardio should be the finishing touch as well as improving your cardiovascular health.

So there it is weight loss made easy…. be consistent and have a plan in place.

Happy training!

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